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We bring together top talents with exciting job opportunities. Our team consists of experienced professionals dedicated to helping job seekers find their dream careers.

As Chief Operating Officer, Jani brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our company. He oversees daily operations and ensures our clients receive the highest level of service.

Riina, our Communications Manager, leads all communication efforts and her expertise in the field makes her a crucial member of our team.

Pauli, our Sales Director, is a seasoned sales professional with a strong track record and insight into achieving results and building lasting customer relationships. His passion for sales and customer service has been instrumental in his career success.

Dennis, responsible for marketing, handles our brand building and promotes our services to a wider audience.

The right people

We will find the best people for your team.

Successful recruitment

An investment for the future.


Creating a sense of belonging in the workplace needs to be built consciously, and it can be influenced as early as the recruitment phase.


Focus areas, its stages, responsibilities, scheduling, goals, team building, and monitoring.

We are a Finnish company dedicated to providing our customers with the best recruitment solutions. Thank you for considering Smart Workers Oy for your next career move.



Company founded

Office in Finland


Bringing workers

Smart Workers LLC has signed an agreement with the government of Uzbekistan for importing workforce.


The team grows

Our HR Manager, Aleksandra, is an expert in talent acquisition and management.



Recruitment from Poland

In Poland, we offer our customers the best recruitment solutions.


The team grows

Dennis is responsible for marketing, web development, and customer acquisition.


The number of customers grows

Join us! We serve the entire Finland region.


We handle everything related to recruitment.

Hire a professional today!

We rent out staff for fluctuating needs. Staff leasing makes sense, for example, when work is seasonal or a company’s business is still small. We help find the right employee for your company quickly, even on short notice.